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  1. Boil Pasta in water and salt
  2. Wash it with water until you get rid of the starch
  3. Fry the onion and then put it in a pan with oil until it changes color, then add minced meat, tomato juice, salt, pepper and spices
  4. Stir the meat on the fire and leave it until it turns brown
  5. Put flour with butter and add the spice and milk and cream, salt and pepper and leave it on the fire until it thickens the strength
  6. Put a layer of macaroni in the casserole then minced meat layer and then a layer of macaroni and then put béchamel cheese and mozzarella and then enter the oven until it matures

Main recipe categories

Country of recipe Egyptian
Type of recipe Main dish
Type of food / meal Lunch
Suitable for children and adults
Main type of meal Main dish
Cooking method In the oven
The final taste savory
Product Royal User Minced beef Royal