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  1. Add the chopped onion, spices, salt, black pepper and parsley to the chopped meat and stir
  2. Add the peas, carrots and stir
  3. Mix a little salt and black pepper and spices and salt them with chicken
  4. Pour the Chicken thighs with the mixture of minced meat and vegetables, and the close it with toothpick
  5. Put water on the fire to boil
  6. Put the stuffed Chicken thighs with minced meat in aluminum foil and then put in boiling water
  7. Lift it and take it out of aluminum foil and put it in a tray and then add it with a spoon of sauce and oil and then take the oven to brown the face and then put it in a dish and remove them Thoothpick

Main recipe categories

Country of recipe Egyptian
Type of recipe Main dish
Type of food / meal Lunch
Suitable for children and adults
Main type of meal Main dish
Cooking method On fire and in the oven
The final taste savory
Product Royal User Minced beef Royal