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  1. Cut the chicken to small square pieces
  2. Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper and stir well
  3. Roast chicken in olive oil on fire until cooked
  4. Chop onion then fry in olive oil and a spoon of butter
  5. Mushroom cut the rings and add the chicken
  6. Turn the flour into a tablespoon of butter, add the milk and add a cube of chicken broth, salt, pepper and seasoning
  7. When boiling the mixture add the Lebanese cooking cream and continue stirring until thickened
  8. Place the chicken in the serving dish with the sauce on the serving plate
  9. Served with Pasta or sauté vegetables

Main recipe categories

Country of recipe Egyptian
Type of recipe Main dish
Type of food / meal Lunch
Suitable for children and adults
Main type of meal chicken
Cooking method On fire
The final taste savory
Product Royal User Chicken breast Royal